Sweetness Products is a company born out of an expanding collective consciousness. As the marketplace becomes increasingly global, we have the opportunity to connect to the value and history of cultures all across the world. The Sweetness Products mission is to re-envision ancient and global practices and garments in a distinctly fashionable and contemporary way. We are committed to bringing stylish products to the consumer that support and inspire people’s tuning into awareness, health, and love. All of our products are created with great respect for a woman’s experience of pregnancy and the early months of motherhood. All elements of our designs are chosen to support the investigation and celebration of new mothers and their children.


Gina Zimmerman is the CEO and creator of Sweetness Products. Inspired by the pregnancy of a dear friend, she designed The Sweetness Pouch as a new interpretation of a practice that has been known by women around the globe for generations. Through her work as a prenatal yoga instructor, Gina saw a need for a garment that would support a woman both throughout her pregnancy and following birth, as well as hold her baby as a new being of the world. Coupled with a history in art and design, Gina’s vision for Sweetness Products emerged.

Carrie Holt is Director of Marketing for SP. Her relationship with Sweetness Products began years ago when she practiced prenatal yoga with Gina during her first pregnancy. Carrie’s background as a costume supervisor provides a strong sense of design and a clear understanding of production that is essential to Sweetness product development.

Carrie joined Gina when, as a new mother, she was unable to find a baby sling that could comfortably support her newborn daughter. Like Gina, she is passionate about creating products to help women connect to the powerful energy of pregnancy and the early months of motherhood.

Simone Le Blanc is the Assistant Designer and Head of New Product Development. She is a clothing designer who has worked and studied throughout the US and Europe. Through Simone’s continual love of fashion, art, and all around progressive living, she has developed a passion for organic and sustainable design. Simone’s vision for a conscious future drew her to Sweetness—she’s thrilled to be a part of it!