When wearing our slings, please always use good judgment while maintaining awareness of the child’s security and position. As with all slings, the baby is not tied in. Do not attempt to use sling with a baby that is uncooperative.

The Sweetness Pouch is designed for babies who are newborn up to 15 pounds. The Sweetness Sling supports babies and young children up to 35 pounds. Do not use either product is the child exceeds the safe weight margin.

Do not use the sling in situations that could cause harm, such as when cooking, holding hot beverages, or participating in athletic activities.

You and the baby will become increasingly comfortable using the sling. If there is a period of adjustment, it is advisable to keep one hand on the baby for safety. Always hold onto the baby when you bend over.

Be aware of the child’s airflow, especially very young infant. Insure that his or her head is back far enough to allow free airflow. Please refrain from using nipple shields while breastfeeding your child in the sling.

Before each use, make sure all seams and fabric are in good condition. If there are areas that look frayed or worn, do not use it.